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Ready or Not…

Posted Jan 17 2011 8:22am

(Photo by Anna B Photography )

My cousin Anna took this picture yesterday; it is of my and Emily’s grandmother playing hide-and-seek with Joshua (the blue blur) and Kate (the purple blur).

Grandma is pretty much the best hide-and-seeker ever.

This picture speaks to me; it tells me lots of things I already know but reminds me how important these things are.  For instance, that my grandmother is at 85, still an expert at the art of playing with a child, just like she was when Emily and Anna and I were little.  And that, like the speedy blurs that are Joshua and Kate, the chances to play with a child pass by in a blink.

It reminds me that there is a time to be still, and a time to be quick.  That the most fun things in life are also the most simple.  That people are more precious than things.  And most especially that I am very, very blessed that my kids get to enjoy my grandmother just as I did as a child.

Take some time to enjoy the simple things today.  Because Ready or Not, they won’t always be there.

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