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Rashes and Antibiotics

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:44pm
Here is one of those things that everyone but me knew about.

I'm not big on giving kids antibiotics for every sniffle, but my daughter was on antibiotics a while back for a nasty sinus infection. Unfortunately, it caused her to have a horrible yeast infection (basically looks like a horrible, painful to look at, diaper rash), in addition to some stool issues.

That's when everyone I know decided to chime in with, "Well, you're giving her acidophilus, aren't you?" Ummm, no....Sometimes I wonder if my friends are all conspiring to make me feel like a moron. First off, no one told me antibiotics can cause a rash so why would I know about acidophilus? Yeeesh.

Apparently, good bacteria that lives in our intestines. Antibiotics can mess with the yeast/bacteria balance in the body causing unpleasant things like yeast infections, thrush and diarrhea. Taking acidophilus can help fix that.

Now make sure any treatment starts with a visit to the doctor. In my experience and based on nothing but my crazy, obsessive online searches for information, yeast and diaper rashes are very different. Vaseline and certain diaper rash creams can make yeast rashes worse, so talk to your doctor before slathering it on in hopes of making their rash better. Also, airing out the rash didn't do anything for my daughter's yeast rash, but taking baths with baking soda helped.

Anyway, if you watch TV ever, I'm sure you've seen the million and one commercials they have out now about yogurt with probiotics...same thing. Problem is, I'd be amazed if a sick kid with a painful rash is going to want to eat enough yogurt to fix anything. The easy fix is to give your kid acidophilus in powder form.

I buy Nature's Way Primadophilus Children from Whole Foods Market. I know, everything there is priced crazy high, but this price for this bottle is pretty comparable. The reason I go there is that this stuff is suppose to be kept refrigerated, and all the other stores I've been to, from Wegmans to Walmart, have them on a shelf among the rest of the vitamins and supplements.

Read the label and talk to your pediatrician about dosing. But basically you dump a spoon of it into their milk, shake it up and voila! Say good bye rash.
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