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RADIUS Intelligent Toothbrush

Posted Aug 06 2010 6:17am

Did you know that on average, men only brush their teeth for 45 seconds and women for only 60 seconds? With the built-in 2 minute timer on the RADIUS Intelligent toothbrush, which is recommended by The American Dental Association (ADA), you can get a special feeling of satisfaction by being sure to hit that recommended time.

This is so NOT the average toothbrush, for the following reasons:

-It has a 2Minute electric timer in the handle with a 30 second quadrant guide
-3 month Wear Meter tells time for replacement head
-93% of waste is eliminated by replacing only the head, not the whole toothbrush
-Premium RADIUS Hex bristles with a radiating design to ensure accurate and effective brushing

The RADIUS toothbrushes have up to 300 percent more bristles and they are soft, fine bristles.  RADIUS has seven distinct and unique lines of toothbrushes for different styles and needs, which you can peruse on their website The kids tootbrushes are great, and they have travel cases too.

I have sensitive teeth and wish I had brushed longer and more thoroughly many years ago.  However, with the RADIUS Toothbrush I have that clean, fresh feeling each time, each 2-minute time, I brush!  Of course they also come in an array of colors so you’re bound to find one you like.

On a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the highest, I give this toothbrush and honest to goodness 6, with a strong urging for you to check them out.  The toothbrush head is very comfortable and cleans my teeth better than any other I have used. (Even is I cheat and use it for less than 2 minutes!).

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