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Racquet ball, fitness, what?

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:01am

Today I went in for my yearly eye exam and found out that there is a newer contact that's out now from Focus Dailies and it's called Aqua Release. We'll see how they do, so far they seem pretty good but the true test will be tomorrow night when I play racquet ball. I played last night and my goal is to play racquet ball three nights a week for cardio and try to do yoga and still walk in there too. I signed up for another 5K this weekend so we'll see if I can do better this time, so including these next two races there are 16 races I want to do between now and St. Patrick's Day. That's a lot of walking and eventually running. Since the both of us are starting to get into racing I'm really wondering if we should stay another year and get a place for a few months either in Flagstaff or Grand Rapids so we can train there in summer and come back here to compete. I mean our racing season started this past weekend and it goes up until May/June. It's too hot to run outside here in the summer so that way we can train pretty much all year and what's nice about "The Hubby's" job is that he can work from anywhere so why not?

I really have to motivate myself to actually get faster at walking and really build up my cardio. I'm debating on getting a Mountainside Fitness membership since it will be close to the house and then also keeping the LA Fitness just for the racquet ball. I think I might do that because then I can take the kids twice a day for two hours each time to Mountainside and then also two hours at LA. Yes it seems like a lot but I would have a system set up to where I would go to Mountainside in the mornings after "N" is at school a quick yoga class in the afternoon then racquet ball three nights a week plus our churchtivities. What's nice about Mountainside is that the kids aren't just going to be sitting there they have a FITkids program a couple times a week and I think it's beneficial to them to do it.

I'm not going super-uber fitness crazy either. I know that for right now I can walk what I want and play racquet ball, I'm not lifting any weights right now and for now my cardio is the racquet ball and walking. I do need to walk more often but I don't think I'm doing to badly right now.

Sunday morning I really wanted to go for a walk but after posting the blog I just really wanted to go for a shorter walk but my shins were hurting too much to go so I just took it easy that day by just going to church and relaxing at home, I think I might have taken a long bath but not sure. I definitely took one last night though. My shins weren't hurting as bad Monday and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to play (even though I suck really badly) and today I woke up and I wasn't sore at all. Who knew that exercise could do that!! Just kidding. I did do badly today because I took "O" out to lunch today and we went to McDonalds but at least I bought a kids meal and not an adult meal. No I didn't substitute anything I had the cheeseburger and fries and all their fried and unhealthy goodness. Of course even with losing my colon I still did not feel so good. Live and learn right?

I guess I should call it because it's almost "N's" doctor appointment time and since it's rush hour I should get my butt in gear.

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