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"Mommy, unicorns don't like Halloween"

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:54pm
My kids are my latest source of entertainment. I don't need TV, I don't need the music on my iPod. All I need is to watch and listen and I end up completely entertained. Here's some of the silly things they've done or said recently:

Bella has a habit of just coming up with random comments at any given time. For instance, the other morning, she had climbed in bed with me somewhere around 4:30 am. She woke up at 6:30 am, woke me up by nudging me and as soon as I opened my eyes and groggily asked, "what?", she said, "On Soaring over California, we had to wear seat belts. But you and Daddy didn't". Huh?? I had to think for a minute, given I had just woken up...what was she talking about? Oh, the ride at Disneyland that we went on over two months ago. Obviously, this was still weighing heavily on her mind. And then a couple days ago, she was helping me make dinner and I was explaining to her how we make minestrone soup in the crockpot. Out of nowhere, she says, "Mommy, unicorns don't like Halloween". Okay, that was sooooo out of left field that it left me wondering if she had eaten some mushrooms that had grown in our backyard. The conversation went like this, "So, we cut up all these veggies and then we throw them in the crockpot and stir"..."Mommy, unicorns don't like Halloween". I just stared at her and she shrugged and said, "well, they DON'T".
We've finally done away with pull-ups at night for Cole and Bella. I know they are capable of going a whole night without peeing in their beds so we put them to the test. The first night, Bella did have an accident but Cole didn't. However, she insisted she did not pee in her jammies. When I asked her what happened, she said, "Cole peed in the potty and then he took a bunch of the pee water and spilled it on my bed and my jammies". Now how creative is that??!! Cole kept saying "Nuh-uh, she's lying". Of course, I knew she was lying but I was pretty darn impressed with the creativity behind that one!
Today, I had to take Cole to the surgeon for a consult about the surgical procedure for his umbilical hernia. Bella wanted to come too (of course). As we were waiting in the waiting room, she said, "Cole, are you gonna be okay?" and he said "yeah, I'm fine"....then Bella said, "I'm worried about you". Cole asked "why?" and she said "because the dr is gonna cut a big hole inside of you and take some babies out of your belly". The look on his face was priceless....before he could say anything I said "NOOOO, no one's taking babies out of anyone's belly....the dr is just gonna look at Cole's belly button and talk to us about how he's gonna push it back in". Then Bella said, "Cole, I just want to tell you that I love you" to which he replied, "I love you too Bella". They hugged and just when I thought I was gonna get a little teary-eyed watching this exchange of words and display of affection, Bella pushed him away and said, "Now leave me're bothering me".
Cole was also trying to convince me that they were due for a visit to Chuck E Cheese, even though I swore up and down I'd never set foot in CEC as long as I live. And I told him as much and he said, "Mommy, don't worry about worry too's not a problem". I said, "it is a problem because you guys always end up sick after going there, whether it's from all the germs or the greasy, disgusting pizza, someone always ends up no, we are not going there". He continued to argue, "But Mommy, pizza is good for your heart and we won't touch anything, we'll just look". Yeah, that's as big a lie as "the check's in the mail". And then Bella piped in with "Mommy, unicorns like apples and rainbows aren't real".
Garrett and Landon are also good for entertainment value, as well. Garrett is into giving kisses big time. And he's very dramatic about it. He has to pucker up and say "mmmwwwwaaaaa" as he's giving a kiss. A kiss from him just isn't the same without the sound effects. He also gives us this horribly evil angry face when he's upset about something. He puckers his lips, bends his head down and glares. I can't help but laugh when he does this because he's SO dramatic about it. And then he always ends up laughing and then repeating the "angry face" over and over until we're finally so sick of it and begging him to stop.
Landon has decided that he has no use for words and just simply nods his head "yes" and shakes his head "no". I was starting to think he really didn't understand the meaning of yes and no, but when I asked him a series of questions, he responded appropriately. "Would you like some crackers?" Nods head yes. "Do you want to go to bed now?" Shakes head no. "Let's go change your diaper". Shakes head no (he'd rather remove it himself and run around the house naked). "Would you like to go for a walk?" Nods head yes. "Do unicorns like Halloween?" Shakes head no. Who knew?
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