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"I am not sharing my birthday with you anymore"

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:54pm
Cole and Bella's 4th birthday is this Thursday....I'm in denial. Has 4 years really gone by already? I'm in denial. It seems like just yesterday when I was desperately trying to pump breast milk for 2 preemie babies! I'm in denial. Have I already mentioned that I'm in denial?

We were driving to the store earlier today and I couldn't help but listen to their conversation:

Cole: Bella...look at me....

Bella: No, keep your hands to yourself. Mommy, Cole just bit my finger....

Cole: Hey Bella, here, bite my finger.

Bella: *bites his finger* There, see how it feels. I don't like it.

Cole: You're not my friend anymore. I don't like you.

Bella: I don't LOVE you anymore. AND I'm NOT sharing MY birthday with you anymore.

Cole: Mommy, Bella said she won't share her birthday with me anymore.

Me: You will always share a birthday because you are twins. No one can take that away from either of you.

Bella: Yeah, but I can take his cake away and then we won't have the same birthday anymore. HA HA HA HA HA

Cole: You can't touch my cake.

Bella: I'll have my own cake AND your cake and I'll get a new twin at the store.

Okay, well, of course Bella always has to have a come back, doesn't she? The look on Cole's face was a look of shock, like "is it really that easy to trade in one twin for another?"

Now of course several hours later, they're playing together quietly on the family room floor. Playing with Bella's doll clothes and stripping all her stuffed animals of all their clothes.

Bella: Cole, put the clothes in a pile. Take all their clothes off.

Cole: Okay

Me: Why are you taking all their clothes off?

Bella: Because I can.

I should've known....always a come back.....and who could argue with that.
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