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Quit Smoking with an Electronic Cigarette

Posted Aug 19 2010 4:29pm

If you are a current or former smoker or live with a smoker who is trying to quit, you understand how hard it can be, not only for the smoker, but for everyone around them!

My husband is a current smoker who has tried quitting in the past – using everything from patches to gum to lozenges to pills to doing it cold turkey. Some methods help him stop smoking for longer than others, but none have been 100% permanently successful.

A method he has yet to try, but is highly interested in, are electronic cigarettes . What are they? Pretty much what they say… it’s a way for someone trying to quit smoking to get a nicotine fix, minus the nasty smoke element. Basically the same thing as the patch and the gum, but you get the nicotine in a different way, and you still have something to keep your hands busy. I’m not a smoker myself, but from watching Andrew quit, I’ve seen that one of the hardest things for him is what to do with his hands.

You might be using the excuse that an electronic cigarette will look silly… but you probably need to throw that excuse out the window – while there are electronic cigarettes that stand out, ranging in colors and some that glow in colors, you can buy them to look like a regular cigarette. If you want one to stand out, you’re sure to find one that suits your style and personality (I’ve even seen pink electronic cigarettes and ones that glow bright green!).

Electronic Cigarette Rating explains electronic cigarattes much better than I can, including explaining what they are, how they work, how expensive they are, where you can smoke them, and whether or not it’s healthier than a regular cigarette. It’s a great place to start if you are interested in the electronic cigarette for you or for a loved trying to quit.

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