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Posted Mar 05 2012 7:52pm
When you're a parent with kids still in the house, one thing you rarely get is quiet.  As I was cooking dinner tonight, both girls were talking non-stop as they bounced on their bouncy balls in the kitchen and living room all around me.  At the same time, my neighbor was talking to me on Voxer, my radio was on, and my other neighbor stopped by with her kid.  This is all just normal life for me and I rarely realize how loud it really is my house until moments like right now.  Right now, hubby took the girls to swim lessons, and my dog and I are just laying around in a quiet house.  I have the next hour and 14 minutes to myself in complete silence. 

I try to remember back to before kids.  I honestly wonder how life was ever stressful or difficult then.  I went to work and then I could do whatever I wanted to do when I got home.  I walked my dog every morning before work and only had to worry about preparing my breakfast, lunch, and getting myself dressed.  Sure, I sat on the 5 South for an hour to get to work and then 5 North for an hour to get home. That was stressful, but I didn't do it with a screaming or hungry kid in the car.  Now, sitting in that traffic would seem relaxing.  It would be quiet, right?

With the many many babies being born to so many people I love in the year 2012, I think about the ones that are doing this for the first time.  Do they realize how precious the quiet time they have right now is?  I never realized it.  Do they realize how good they have it right now?  Not that I really mind the chaos, but my house is loud.  Ask my friends.  I don't have quiet girls.  Even their talking voices are louder than most screaming voices.  Their inside voices are louder than most outside voices.  I'm pretty much used to it though, I don't usually realize until bedtime or moments like these how loud my house usually is.  I also happen to be one of those parents that allows kids to come over most days of the week.  That means I rarely have just 2 kids hanging around, it's more like 3 or 4.

While I was thinking about this life on my way home from Michigan, I asked my mom about the empty nest syndrome.  I figure before I know it, my kids will be old and leaving me.  She said it is really difficult to get used to having no more kids living in your house and not having activities to go to.  Then, she said you get over that really fast and it sure is nice to have quiet again.  Love my mom, that's probably exactly how I'll feel.

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