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Quick Tip: Tape Your Baby's Heartbeat

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:44pm
I had a bizarre pregnancy. At one point I was told my tiny baby had no heartbeat. Then through either a medical mystery or an act of God, managed to still be pregnant with my little one even after two D&C's...but that's a long complicated story for another time.

The point I'm getting to is that the first time I heard my daughters heartbeat I was in awe. I even cried, and I am not much of a crier. With everything going on, I didn't think for a second to tape record it. And when I had the million and one other tests done, I remember thinking that I didn't need to tape it because she'd be here soon enough and I could hear it for real.

But the thing is, every time I hold her chest to my ear so I can listen to her beautiful, strong beating heart, I can't help but wish I had taped it. In utero, her heartbeat was like this loud, fuzzy, echoing sound. Amazing in it's own different way. And for some reason hearing her heartbeat now makes me deep down in my gut yearn for another. If I had a tape of it, I'd listen to it all day long.

And Mom, if you're reading this, take deep breaths...I have no intention of having another anytime soon. Oh yeah, I got yelled at for telling the whole world that that she doesn't tell me the real ingredients to her recipes, so for the record, she tells me every exact ingredient.

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