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Quick Tip #3 For Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

Posted Dec 21 2009 3:46pm
Toddler tantrums can really be emotionally draining. The key to calming a toddler who is throwing a tantrum is to distract them away from the cause of the tantrum and from their own self interest. One reason for tantrums is the attention it draws. Suddenly, the toddler that is throwing a tantrum is the center of attention. Everyone is looking at them, perhaps scolding, yelling or trying to placate - it's all attention and toddlers love that attention.

Whilst today's tip is not a quick fix for dealing with toddler tantrums, it is a quick solution to preventing them from happening to often. It's a simple one too. From day one, when your crawler/toddler starts to throw tantrums, distract them. Early on, it can be something as simple as a loud noise - try dropping a frypan or saucepan on the floor - or banging two pot lids together.

You can also try turning your stereo up to drown them out then ignoring them. It sounds harsh but if you want a peaceful existence down the track, you need to teach them that tantrums will not give them extra attention - quite the contrary, tantrums will provide them with less attention whilst good behavior delivers the extra attention they crave. Today's tip - get in early and distract them from the tantrum - teach them that tantrums won't deliver any extra attention.

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