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Quick Tip #1 For Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

Posted Dec 17 2009 4:19pm
Toddler tantrums are the bane of any parent. The problem is, sometimes the tantrum goes on for so long that we, the parents, become as much th problem as the child with the tantrum is. Why, we become frustrated, we may yell, smack or perhaps remove toys - often all to no avail.

Here is a tip that is reported to be quite successful if you can pull it off. When a child is naughty, particularly throwing a tantrum, the recommendation is to send them for a short time out. The recommendation has been a minute for each year of their life so a three year old would get a three minute time out. What do you do when the child just refuses to budge - refuses to take that time out.

A simple solution - announce to the child that if they are not going to take a time out - you will instead. And do it. Stop what you are doing - sit down and switch off. If you were making lunch, morning tea or a drink - stop. The child will complain - 'what about lunch' - you're taking a time out. Again - you take a minute for each minute of the child's life.

Explain to them afterwards what you are doing and let them know that if they will not take the time out - you will which means everything comes to a stop. They soon get the hint. In fact, you will be surprised how many times they will start to laugh at you - don't join in - this is serious business. During the time out - there is no talking from you. If they keep talking - just look at them. They will soon get the message.

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