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Psychic Shauna

Posted Apr 12 2010 5:28am

My session with Psychic Shuana was over five months ago, at the very early stages of my relationship with Mr. Right. We spoke over the phone and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away by what she told me and of course, nearly half a year later, I still think about the things she had to say.

The first thing she mentioned was my loneliness. She totally caused my heart to stop when she said simply, “You’re surrounded by people who adore you and yet you still feel very lonely.” This really hit me hard.

Always, especially near the holidays, I miss my family and friends who are over 2,000 miles away. I may have thousands of friends and followers on the social media sites I am involved with, but it doesn’t change the fact that the people who know me the most (and love me) are so far away.

She brought me to tears with that one and I took a few deep breaths before I was able to hear what she said next.

I asked her about my relationship and my love life, not giving her any details or sharing anything with her since I was hesitant to reveal any clues that would lead her in one direction or another. Right away she said that she saw marriage in my future. I started laughing and she moved on to a different topic.

The second time she brought up marriage, it took my breath away and by the third time she mentioned it, I felt myself nodding in agreement, as if this were something that I had already been thinking about. (I hadn’t.)

I think about it often lately, I admit. I blame the fact that most of my female friends (who are, ironically, single) keep asking me when we plan on getting married, or looking at my left hand after I spend a weekend with my long-distance boyfriend.

I do think about marriage often, how wonderful it would be to wake up with that special someone and lean on each other for support in all aspects of our daily lives. Long-distance dating is certainly not easy, but it’s made us both pretty cautious and yet I think we’re both eager (if not anxious) to see where things are headed.

My son’s teacher got engaged last month over her birthday weekend. Last week, a friend shared her engagement story on her blog and just the other day my son asked me if I was getting married (because I suddenly started wearing a ring on my finger). In the last few days, an online friend asked me for a list of wedding photographers and my sister mentioned that she could see me and Mr. Right getting married. This is why I can’t get the thought of marriage out of my mind.

Am I out of my mind?

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