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Project of the Month Club: We supply the Projects, You Supply the Kids, and Watch the fun Begin!

Posted Dec 17 2009 3:00am
project-of-the-month-clubPJ Mommy readers can get 10% off when they enter the promo code: pjmommy!

Project of the Month Club (POM as we call it around here) never would have started if it weren’t for a little boy named Charlie, although he’s quick to tell us that he’s not so little now! After Charlie’s parents (that’s us) started seeing his eyes “glaze over” while he was watching cartoons at age 3, we stepped up our effort to try and do more constructive things with him: coloring, Play-Doh, puzzles – you know the drill. When the old standbys didn’t work, and the toys with batteries were blaring, we tried to get a little more resourceful. What we found was that it was difficult to constantly think of creative projects, drive to the craft store, get all the supplies, take an extra trip back for something we always seemed to forget and then come home and still have the time, patience or energy to help Charlie learn and have fun with the project.

We happened across a local home center that had small woodworking projects for kids to put together. After seeing Charlie embrace these seemingly simple projects, an idea struck us: Why not provide all-inclusive woodworking projects to parents & kids? We started putting some ideas on paper and talking to friends and family. These conversations evolved into focus groups and we learned three important things: 1) a lot of other parents shared our desire for convenient creative projects for their kids; 2) although woodworking projects would be fine for our two boys (Brady is Charlie’s little brother), many of the girls were looking for more than just woodworking projects; and 3) moms, dads and grandparents really wanted us to incorporate an educational component in our offering.

We’re committed to delivering on all three points. Project of the Month Club is designed to eliminate the hassle factor of arts and crafts shopping so parents and grandparents can spend time with their children and grandchildren as they explore and learn from a wide range of projects.

Arts and crafts, Woodworking and Science Project Kits delivered right to your door! How easy is that?

The project categories are: Mix n’ match, Master Builders, Aspiring Artists and Seismic Scientists. There is a category for everyone! Then you choose how often you want to receive the projects, such as:  Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, 4-in-0a-row, 2-pack, 3-pack and Family 5-pack.

We just loved putting together and painting the step stool we received and also the tissue box cover.  It was great as both kids(ages 8 and 2) could both help and we had grand fun, and they have the pride that they helped create these two wonderful projects, and we use both of these everyday! Check out and see for yourself.  It’s a great way to spend time together, and you will have a lasting memory to cherish through the years and to pass it on to future generations!! Great fun!

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