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Project 10: Week 1: Frustration

Posted Jun 13 2012 12:00am

It has been one week since we started this project - the amazing support and inspiration from all these ladies blows me away.

And despite all that this past week has been full of frustration.

The past 7 days have been crazy to say the least, 2 tball games, 3 birthday parties, a shift at the little league concession stand, a night out (Give & Glam....WOOT!!), 2 hockey games, a spring program...I think thats it, besides the routine school, work, daycare routine.

So I let things slide, and slip, I ate with abandon on some days, and enjoyed it until I regretted it.  Dinners were not of the planned and healthy variety - in other words much take out pizza was enjoyed!!

Last week my theme seemed to be frustration - at myself mostly, for my own lack of self control....

But you know what?!  That's ok.

Over the years I have learned that getting fit, does not have to be an all or nothing endeavor, and that even if I stumble along the way a bit (or a lot with those 3 amazingly good but oh so bad for me chocolate chip cookies).  My friend Stephanie (organizer of Project 10) has a great post up this week about creating a lifestyle of fitness , and I know that making something a lifestyle not a diet, involves more than perfection, making it a lifestyle means that I will learn where I need to give a little, I will make some not so great decisions and learn how to keep from doing that again in the future.

So while week one I may have stumbled into a week of frustration, for week two I am deciding to make it a week of persistence, of constantly pushing through and moving forward.

I don't have measurements to share this week - in an effort to track my progress but limit my obsessing I have decided to hold off on weighing/measuring to every other week - focus on the good behavior and not the numbers.

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