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Procrastination Funk...and a few other things

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm
I am in a serious procrastination funk lately! I'm not even kidding. My floors haven't been mopped in two weeks (gasp). I ought to be ashamed to even admit to that, but I'm not, lol. I'm not sure what's causing my laziness procrastination rut. Remember I was really sick a few weeks ago? I'm blaming it on that. I keep telling myself I've been unmotivated because the virus (or what ever the hell it was) is working itself outta my system, so my energy level is slowwwly going back up.

And it's not just the floors that have been neglected. It's the laundry too. I have piles of laundry still waiting to be put away, from a week ago. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Shame on me. Are you wondering why hubby hasn't gotten on me about it yet? Well, I personally think it's because he's using it as leverage, lol. If I dare to bitch or nag or moan about his uniforms on the dresser or work boots on the living room floor or socks on the outside of the hamper or his deodorant on the bathroom counter, etc...he can just turn around and point at the big, heaping pile of laundry or last night's dirty dishes or our un-mopped floors, etc. I think my hubby secretly likes when I'm being messy unmotivated cuz it gives him a reason to not be as neat and tidy as I'd like him to be.

And it's not just the floors or the laundry. It's also the dinners. I usually cook 4-6 nights a week. The last two weeks have been full of lots of fast food and little home cooking. We've had pizza, Subway, Big Boy, Wendy's, Taco Bell. Those who know me know that I HATE fast food. All kinds of fast food. I'm not even a very big fan of eating in restaurants cuz I'd rather eat a home made meal, where I know all of the ingredients and quality of meats. Mainly because I OD'd on fast food when I was pregnant and the thought of it now makes my stomach turn. And because we've been giving Franky more of our food and less baby food, so I wanna make sure what we're eating is healthy. And because the healthier I eat, the more weight I will lose looser my clothes will fit me =)

And it's not just the floors or the laundry or the dinners. It's the general activity in my home. My lack of motivation (ahem, laziness) has caused me to lounge around my house all day, in my pajamas, with my hair pulled back. I've been sleeping in (until Franky rolls over and pokes me in the eye, letting me know it's time to wake up) and getting a start to my day later than usual, which means that Franky's schedule is off and we don't get out on our walk (I like to drink my morning coffee (half caff) while pushing Franky around in his Little Tikes car - early birthday gift from his paternal grandparents =) Oh, and it doesn't stop there. During the day, rather than read to Franky, or play with him or include him in my daily activities, I've let Sesame Street do wayyyy too much "babysitting," for me. Usually, I'll put him in his jumper or walker and bring him with me upstairs when I'm fixing the bed (which hasn't been made in a week!) or into the kitchen when I'm cooking, etc. Nope, Franky has been spending bonding time with Cookie Monster instead. Shame on mommy!

Oh, another thing I've been (majorly) slacking on is uploading recent pictures. BUT, I DO have a GOOD excuse explanation. My brother-in-law is working on our desktop computer, and our laptops are not as fast as I'd like them to be with uploading, so I'm postponing uploading until it's more convenient =) See, I told ya I had a reason!

I've felt a lot less lazy more motivated today and yesterday. We got out and about, did some grocery shopping, visited Ry's cousins again (and their adorable newborn baby). I'm hoping to continue to be less lazy more motivated cuz the weather has been beautiful lately and this mommy needs a serious tan (under strict supervision of Coppertone SPF 70, ha!), and this mommy's lil cutie pie needs to spend some more time in his grandparent's pool, which he loves. I think it has to do with the pool being heated and him treating the pool like a big, humongous, over-sized bath tub.

In other, non-being-a-lazy-slash-unmotivated-mommy news, Franky has been a-rockin-and-a-rollin lately. Seriously. This brown-eyed boy has been on the move more than ever and I am exhausted. He never stops. Except for when he's taking a (short) nap or sleeping for the night (after fighting it for more than an hour). He has been a much happier baby since he's become more mobile, which is wonderful for me cuz I can spend more time doing stuff around the house than baby-wearing. I love that he can entertain himself more and more. Oh, and apparently, in Frankyland, bath time is the new party time. He LOVES bath time. Usually, I'll pop him in the tub, scrub his lil tush till it's squeaky clean (okay, maybe not scrub, but you know what I mean), then whisk him outta the bathroom and into some clean jammies for the night. I've noticed recently that he gets really irritable and crabby if I take him out of the tub before he's "ready." Hubby told me today (after Franky got some new bath toys) that I need to just "let the kid play for a little while." What? Play? Oh no, mommy has a routine down here. And then guilt got the best of me, so I decided that letting Franky soak a lil longer would only lead to good things for the both of us. Well, more for me than him. Longer party time play time in the tub equals an extra-clean baby boy AND and extra-worn out and extra-sleepy baby boy. It's a win-win. So tonight, Franky got LOTS of party play time =) And guess what? He didn't fight me when it was time to go to sleep. He knocked out! Yeay!

Aside from the tub being his new favorite place to play, he has a few other "favorites" that don't include taking a bath. Such as crawling at a ridiculously fast pace when I tell him "no." I think he's starting to learn what that means. Especially when he's getting into something he shouldn't be. Like mommy's magazine rack. I'll say, "Franky, no." He'll look up at me, give me a mischievous smile, then take off crawling as fast as he can, lol.

Aside from the crawling, his new favorite thing to do is stand. He will use anything and everything he can to pull himself into a standing position. And he'll stand, playing for anywhere from five minutes to an hour, depending on the activity. The funny thing about that is, he doesn't know how to (safely) get out of the standing position, so he'll stand and scream at the top of his lungs to get my attention. At which point, I sit him down. And then he crawls over to another thing, pulls himself up and stands some more. What's even funnier about the standing is that he tries s o hard to take steps around the table/jumperoo/giraffe/toybox/couch. He'll take teeny, tiny baby steps sideways to reach whatever he's grabbing at, but then he holds on for dear life again. The few times he's let go to play with both hands while standing, he's ended up plopping down flat on his butt, which involved tears, so he's given up on that.

Are you getting tired of the-cool-new-things-Franky-can-do? Not yet? Okay, here's some more =)

His other new favorite thing to do is push stuff a few feet. Last week, he'd push stuff while kneeling. This week, he pulls himself to a standing position, and then puts one foot in front of the other and pushes whatever object forward. Usually he'll get four or five steps in before he trips and plops down. He's still working on that one, lol. I've read that the hardest part about learning to walk is the whole "putting one foot in front of the other" concept, so I'm wondering if Franky will be walking before he even cuts a tooth. We'll see =)

But his absolute, most favorite thing to do lately (which MUCH, MUCH MUCH supervision from mommy) is climb up the stairs. Yep...he climbs up the stairs now. I swear, our house is becoming baby-gate-central. We have gates blocking the basement stairs, the kitchen, and this week, we'll have blocked off the bottom and top of the stairs in the living room.

Because this post has gotten ridiculously long and because you're all probably all-Franky'd-out, I'm stepping off my soapbox now =) ::blushes::

Franky let go of his toy box today, took a step forward, then plopped down!!! This kid is determined to grow up way too fast! lol. And, I've heard that it is sometimes difficult for breastfed babies to learn to tip their bottles/sippy cups up to drink, but in the last week, Franky has become a PRO! It's hilarious watching him tip up his cup, while watching Sesame Street, and gulping away. 99% of the time, he gets water in his sippy/bottle. Every once in a while he'll get ready-to-feed formula (cuz my spoiled little lovey won't drink the powder stuff). He gets spoiled rotten at his Jiddo and Tata's house (hubby's parents), though. He gets Motts for Tots juice and whole milk when he's over there.

Okay, I'm for real steppin' off the soapbox now!
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