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Private Schools Not Living Up To Reputation - Dental Health Compounding Hospital Costs

Posted Feb 01 2010 6:07pm

Private schools are back in the news again. Apparently Australian based private schools are not doing as well as they thought with national testing showing they only have a slender lead when it comes to providing better educated kids. I wonder how many parents will now demand some of their money back. It can cost a small fortune to send a child to a private school.

The other issue which caught my attention this week relates to dental health and the long wait we have to see a dentist. For a private dentist, you can wait up to three months just to get a first visit in. For public dentists, you can wait up to three months even though you are in agony with a severely broken tooth. The buck passing continues with state government blaming federal and vice-versa.

Why dental health wasn't included in the original national health reform ten years ago is beyond me. I just goes to show how strong the dental association is when it comes to lobbying governments. Now we have elderly patients with extremely bad teeth that is affecting their general health. This is leading to illnesses that required hospitalization and further treatments placing further stress on an overcrowded health system.

If the governments through a little extra at dental care, the results could repay the government two or three times over in general hospital savings. Governments only think of the here and now of course. It doesn't matter if our seniors have dental health problems - that is for another government to think about down the track.

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