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Pretty Thankful

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:22pm


"You're supposed to carry it with two hands!"

My seven-year-old made this year's Thanksgiving pretty in class and she was very careful NOT to give it to me.

"Wow, this is really very pretty."

Honestly, I just love it when my kids bring their holiday projects home and -- having collected a fair amount over the years -- my husband, Garth (not his real name) and I are seriously considering opening a FTD greetings franchise, for kids.

"No it isn't!"

As Mini-me's eyes started to fill up with tears -- right there in the middle of the school yard -- I quickly leafed through the files in my mommybrain for a quick (yet, loving) response and pretty much, you know, came up empty.

"Uh, yeah, it is."


"It's not how I wanted it to be."

Mini-me is my youngest of four and she is a walking contradiction to everything I ever knew, or thought I did, about raising kids.


"But, house, my friends, my family, the world...these are very wonderful things to be thankful for!"

The look on her face, screamed...Nuh-uh!


[hands on hips]

"Because, I have lots more stuff to be thankful for."

So, along with the pumpkin and apple pies, we're bringing a little something extra something special to my brother's house.

"But, I could ONLY use 4 popsicle sticks!"

Okay, to most people, it may not be the most prettiful floral arrangement.

"I think it's perfect!"

But, Mini-me's school project reminded me that, as parents, we sometimes have a hard time seeing the pretty passed the popsicle sticks (or, something like that) and, to these mommy eyes, that is totally gift-worthy!

Have a Prettiful Thanksgiving!


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