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Preparing for Birth at Hospital

Posted Aug 25 2009 10:03pm

If you plan to give birth in the hospital, you might be worrying what to pack and what to bring. Here is a place you can find printable checklist for things to be brought to hospital, i.e. what to pack for your Hospital Bag.

When I gave birth to Ian, I had a checklist from Pantai Hospital, so I didn’t really need this. I’m not sure if they still give out similar list or not. No harm checking this out.

I would add one more item to the list though, from my experience with the epidural. After the epidural’s effect is gone, you will feel nauseous. You might want to bring some candy to suck, to reduce the feeling.

One tip to release the ‘wind’ in your stomach after the epidural, is to drink this ginger soup. I know, I know, not to take too much of ginger post delivery, but this soup is very useful. It ’saved my life’ before. I was reluctant to drink, but nearly vomited in the delivery room post epidural. I drank it, immediately burped out the ‘wind’, and then nauseous gone, I was completely okay after that.

This soup is made this way:
- Extract the juice of 1 large pc of old ginger.
- Boil it with a chunk of lean meat (pork or beef).
That’s it. No need seasonings, already tastes good, and effective too.

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