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Pregnant Pause

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:58pm

I have missed my little blog and my outlet to de-clutter my mind. I am back with some interesting news...I am pregnant! My last post in Oct. mentioned wanting a third kiddo. Well, a cute pair of Halloween panties(thanks Mom) and a darn good martini did the trick. The only problem...the third kiddo was "planned" two years from now. Our infertility woes have been miraculously cured and now I am getting my tubes tied. Three for the price of one, thanks Dr. Silverburg!
I have been avoiding the blog because I was feeling so darn yucky. The thought of being remotely witty or interesting made me want to vomit. I was never sick with my other two girls, but the 1st trimester with this one was nasty. Jeff claims that it is the kryptonite penis developing inside me that made me ill. Hmmmm... could he possibly want a boy? Needless to say, the third pregnancy is a bit different especially when you are labeled "ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE". My OB chart is a hideous shade of florescent green with little hot pink stickies all over it. Despite the mortifying label, a few perks come with "age". I had a few extra sonos. In the last one, the baby began flailing his/her arm, Jeff was sure the baby was whipping around his "junk". I had to remind him that I was growing a baby not a porn star. Yes, this is what I am dealing with and he doesn't want to find out the sex of the baby.
I will do better updating my blog and thank you to those that have emailed me about missing my posts. It made me feel great. This year should be filled with many stories... baby #3 is due July, 10th. We have @ six months to sell our house, buy a bigger one, buy a mini van, and birth a child. Bring it!
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