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Pregnancy Week 14

Posted Dec 14 2008 9:43pm

DSCN3576 As always lets start with the size comparisons. My baby is about the size of your fist, unless you have giant man-hands or something, maybe I should just compare it to a peach instead.

Also has a very strong heartbeat, yada yada. On the cute factor my little "peach" has now started sucking it's thumb. Everyone, say it with me now "awww"! 

I have absolutely nothing else to report, I think my belly has gotten bigger. I feel bigger, and no I have yet to jump on the scale. We don't do that anymore in my house, alrighty! Del did look at me like literally 10 minutes ago and say "look at you, you really look pregnant now." I didn't know wether to slap him in the face, or hug him for noticing. 

So this week is a bore...enjoy my nothing update.

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