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Pregnancy Round Up - Looking Back Over The Last 6 Months

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:20pm

Pregnancy Can Seem Like It Lasts Forever - Here’s a look back

Now that baby Madelyn is finally here, it went back through all of my older posts about my wife’s pregnancy to put them in one, easy-to-read post. When I announced that I was going to become a dad again, I tried to provide weekly updates on the journey. That didn’t work out like I expected, but here are the 13 updates from week 12 to week 36.

Learning that you’re going to be a father, for the first time or the 3rd, 4th or even 5th time is an exciting time in a man’s life. I announced that my wife was pregnant on week 12 and little did I know what was in store over the next 6 months.

At 15 weeks we were convinced that we were having a boy …my wife was craving different kinds of foods and her maternal instinct was strong.

16 weeks comes along and my wife was in the “nothing-fits-me” phase. This didn’t really change over the next few months!

My wife was craving pizza and donuts at week 17 and she could also feel slight movements from the baby. I also began to receive some traffic from some interesting searches.

And the moment of truth… we found out we were having another girl at week 18 ! The nurse did a very thorough examination and my daughter was in great shape. I was beside myself.

Now that we knew we were having another little girl, it came time to pick a name . We’ve obviously picked a name, but the search was rather interesting.

One of the big changes that happened over the next week was the increased feeling of movements and kicks from baby Madelyn. She used to kick quite a bit at nighttime and luckily for us now, she’s pretty mellow in the evenings.

My wife won the name battle at week 22 . I took the advice of some other fellow bloggers and sided with the wife so I wouldn’t be the cause of any heartburn down the road.

Not much had happened during week 23 so I gave you all a little background on how we got to where we were. I always thought getting pregnant would be soooo easy…not so much really.

Iron levels during pregnancy are very important and in week 26 I talked about the reason behind my wife being so tired . Besides being in her third trimester, her iron was really low which caused her to be extra tired.

By week 30 we figured out we had a soccer champion just waiting to be born . Her kicks were wearing out my wife and would eventually cause her to be pretty uncomfortable and would be pretty painful.

Week 31 was just a way for me to say thanks to my wife for being such a trooper and for buying me beer while pregnant. The beer wasn’t for her, but I’m sure she received a few evil looks from people when a 31 week pregnant woman was buying beer.

Being pregnant in the summer heat isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you have to chase around a toddler. Dehydration set in late in the pregnancy and caused some early contractions and many sleepless nights leading up the last day.

Now she’s here and the roller coaster that is pregnancy is over only to give way to raising 2 little girls and trying to keep my wits about me.

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