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Pregnancy, Month 9

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:36pm
I never wanted to talk about my pregnancy so much on this blog but hey, I am coming into the final stretch here and I have issues.
What is up with the itching? I have never had so many itches before in my life. Last night the soles of my feet itched, my elbows and my eyebrows.
This cannot be right.
I can say that I am thrilled that I went through this entire pregnancy so far without one of those charley horse leg cramps I had at least 343 times when I was pregnant with the twins. You know, where you roll in horrific pain on the bed while your husband just watches, and then you limp the entire next day? Not a one of those and that is a small miracle.

My stomach is huge. I am really hoping this baby isn't too big as big babies run in my family. Since it should be coming out of the canal rather then the shortcut, smaller would be helpful.
And yes, I am still praying I am one of those "I only labored 3 hours and with two pushes the baby was out" mothers. Wouldn't you?

Tell me what you think about renting toys online for your kids, or how to get this baby out in a timely manner.
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