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Pregnancy has definitely cost me more than a few brain cells!

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:55pm
The saying goes that when you're pregnant, you actually lose brain cells. I never really believed it...well, until recently. I have seemed to have lost all common sense in the last 4 years...with each twin pregnancy, I've become stupider and stupider. Can I blame it on lack of sleep or "working" 15 hour days, 7 days a week??? I'd love to but I really do think I kissed some heavily relied upon brain cells goodbye with each c-section. Let me give a few examples...

The other day Bella wanted a sandwich but I knew she wouldn't eat a whole sandwich so I asked Cole if he wanted half of her sandwich but he didn't. So I sat there hemming and hawing over it, just knowing she'd waste half the sandwich but I was going to make a whole one for anyway. Then Tim said "why don't you just take 1 piece of bread and fold it over". OMG!!! Why didn't I think of that??

I was talking to my sister the other day and I was complaining about how disappointed I've been that transitioning the kids to eating healthier foods wasn't going as well as I had hoped. So she said "well, why don't you just mix half of the healthy stuff with half of the crappy stuff so their taste buds get used to it and then slowly phase the crappy stuff out?"....her main example was the natural maple syrup which they HATE (Tim only makes things worse when he says the natural stuff tastes like crap but he did love the natural Canadian syrup that our Canadian friend, Sandra, sent us years ago...go figure) . They'd much rather eat the fake crap syrup by Mrs Butterworth. Also mixing the natural peanut butter with the crap peanut butter. And none of them seem to even fact, the other day, after I mixed the natural syrup in with the crap syrup, Cole dipped his french toast in it and said "YUM". I really wanted to laugh out loud but I held it in. I also fought back laughter the day he saw me grating zucchini and carrots to mix into the meatloaf and proclaimed "eeew, I don't like those veggies, I'm not eating that"...I said "fine, you don't have to". After he took a couple bites of the meatloaf (with the zucchini and carrots finely hidden inside), he said "YUM" and actually ate the whole piece and asked for another piece. I've been making meatloaf for the last year with ground turkey, which apparently Tim didn't even realize. He's a total red meat and potatoes guy so I think he was shocked to see I had been making the meatloaf (and also the meatballs I make with spagetti) out of ground turkey...he said "wow, I didn't even realize it...I actually like it". But all these little tricks I have learned from other's not like I came up with the ideas on my own...again, I say I've lost all common sense.

And finally my last example of losing all common sense - I took all 4 kids to the toddler pool on Thursday BY MYSELF. The plan originally was to go to the water park, which just opened up next to the neighborhood pool. Cole and Bella have been talking about it since we saw it going up, every time we'd drive by it. Finally, it was supposed to open Memorial Day. It was hot on Thursday and all the kids are finally healthy (knock on wood) so I thought "I can handle taking them all to the water park", actually figuring that maybe I could lay back on the beach towel and melt in the sun while they all ran around the spraying water. The whole area is enclosed by a gate so no chances of escapees (unless someone left the gate open). So I take a whole hour to apply sunscreen to all their little bodies (or as Cole and Bella call it "sunscream"), pack the diaper bag with extra clothes, snacks, sippy cups, etc, etc, put everyone in their bathing suits, get everyone loaded up in the car....I was already worn out by then but I kept reminding myself that I would be able to lounge in the sun for a good hour while they all played...that alone was worth the trouble.

We get there and the freakin water park is CLOSED....NOT WORKING!! What the hell??? But of course since we were already there, Cole and Bella wanted to go swimming...I told them since Daddy wasn't there that Mommy could not handle all 4 of them in the pool (besides the fact that our damn HOA apparently voted on not allowing babies in the pool b/c of leaky diapers....I'm beyond annoyed with our HOA...who brings their baby to a pool while the baby has diarrhea??)...anyway, so Bella says "we can go in the toddler pool". Oh okay, well, I'm glad my daughter has such faith in me that I can handle all 4 of them in the toddler pool. After taking a whole hour to prep them for the water park, there was no way I was gonna just turn around and go home and listen to them all whine for the next hour. So I sucked it up and headed over to the toddler pool....let me just say, I aged 10 years in just that 30 minutes alone. It was SO stressful....Cole and Bella actually were fine in the pool but the babies, who actually are tall enough now to stand up and not have their heads in the water, kept wanting to go under water, which was freaking me out. I wasn't even in a bathing suit but I stood in the toddler pool with them, holding each of their hands to prevent them from going under the water. And did I mention I had on a white tank top??? Good times....

Okay, well maybe that last little diddy wasn't exactly proof of lost common sense but it's sure as hell proof of loss of sanity, am I right? I dunno, it's loss of something because who in their ever-loving mind would take 4 children, ages 3 and under to the toddler pool by themselves and actually think "hey, what the hell...what have I got to lose?"...the answer to that would be 4 kids, ages 3 and under OR my sanity, which I believe was shot a long time ago....

So those are just but a few examples of proof that I surely have lost all common sense. I must have at least 1-2 smack-myself-in-the-head moments a day, where I think "I can't believe I never thought of that" could be something so simple, so obvious to the average person but not to me. Well, I suppose it's a toss least I didn't end up with stretch marks from the pregnancies....repeat, the glass is half full, the glass if half full, the glass if half full....
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