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Pre-School Meeting: Program and Activities for 2008/2009

Posted Dec 07 2008 10:07am

Thursday at the end of the day I had a meeting at Catherine pre-school. We didn’t know what the meeting was about until we got there.

This meeting had a slideshow where all the information regarding the objectives of the school for this year were presented and explained. Promoting reading and storytelling is a priority as well as the theme “Emotions”.

The Emotions theme is a very thoughtful theme and it is about four emotions: Happiness, Sadness, Fear and Angry. Almost all the activities they do and the stories they tell are about these four emotions. Fear is the emotion that has a special attention once this range of ages 3-5 usually has a lot of fear: fear of the dark, fear of losing someone close, etc..

The mother of one student is a Psychologist and she’s helping with some relaxing sessions where the kids learn to relax and face their fears.

Other activities have already taken place like learn how to plant flower bulbs. This activity was performed by a student’s mother that grows and sells flowers and plants.

They already made a field trip to the woods where they collected several items and they went to the library.

Every Friday they have Story Day, where the teachers from pre-school and basic school get together to tell the story or present a small theater related to the story.

I really had no idea the teachers were so well organized and that the kids did so many activities. I was really pleased to know their program and to see all the activities recorded in photos. In the photos I was able to see what my daughter has been doing because I saw her in action: with the hands full of paint, full of mud, baking cookies, doing experiments, listen to a story, drawing, etc etc.

I found this meeting very pleasant and I really go the idea of what my daughter is doing and will be doing at school.

Christmas School Party on December 19th.

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