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Prayer Chain Across the Blogosphere Week 12

Posted Mar 16 2009 3:14pm

Prayer Chain Button Code

I again would like to thank everyone for participating in the prayer chain. If you are new to this you shall find what you can do to help spread the prayer chain and how you can add your prayers. I update the list every Sunday. We didn't get any new prayers this week. Please help spread the prayer chain because I should be getting hundreds of new prayers every week. If you know anyone who is in need of prayers please add them to the list. The prayer chain has not changed from last week.

I think this is the third week in a row that it hasn't changed. I am debating whether or not to scrap the whole thing. I'm not getting any new prayers and I should be getting a ton of them every week. This was a good attempt, though.

If you want to spread the prayer chain on your blog all you need to do is add the prayer chain button and blog about this once a week. Ask your readers to post their prayer intentions as comments. Then you can either e mail those intentions to me at talbertcascia at yahoo dot com or post them as a comment on my prayer chain post. You can also direct your readers to this post so they can post their prayer intentions directly to my site.

I should have hundreds of comments from people that need prayers. I know they are out there. When you say your prayers at night, in the morning, or whenever you pray visit our chain and read the intentions. God is listening.

Here's the latest list.

Please pray for:

The mother with the child with Asperger's and Asthma and her son

That my family can get the needed health insurance so I can have proper prenatal care

In prayer of thanksgiving for the continued good health of baby Stellan

Comments from readers
"My grandson is on his way back from Iraq and I'm praying for him to return safely. He is due back in the states on January 6th and I'll breathe relief when he's back.

This was his second seven month tour in Iraq as a marine.."

Dorothy from grammology
1>Gracie Martin-age 95,still at home with her family but she has gotten very ill and alzheimers is bad.pray for her family as well.

2.>Pray for my friend linda s.,she is 45 and has lung cancer.She is still trying to work and spend as much time with her 3 grandkids as she can...

3.>Dorothy carter-hurt her back at work and they found what they thought may be tumors on her back during xrays-she is 43 and just had her first grandbaby

4.>Rita b.-strength to be a single mom of 3 and a way to come so that they can get a vehicle for the family.

5.>johnny n.-health problems

6.betty r~simply southern-to get rid of this awful congestion in my chest.been fighting it 2 weeks..little summer also has this,it is rough on her at times.she is only 6 mos old.thank you"

Betty from Simply Southern

"I have one to list..

The family of Barbara C. She just lost her battle with cancer."

Felicia from Go Graham Go!

"i'd also like to add my prayer...

please pray for the soul of Al my neighbor (15 yrs old) who passed away last saturday. (January 10) he had bone marrow cancer."

Liza from hMoms... Check Nyo

"What a great thing you are doing here.

My aunt has a best friend who just got a bad cancer report."

It Is Nap Time

Update from Toni
Just wanted to say that my aunts friend has found a study that will take her so that is some good news.

I would like to add my moms cousin who has cancer and is not doing well at all. Her name is Mandy. She has a 2 year old and I am sure she would appreciate all prayers for her and her family.

"You are a person with a warm heart!

I want pray for all people who still live in the disaster area of China WenChuan earthquake, Hope they all have warm place to live and warm food to eat!

It's the first Chinese new spring festival after earthquake, I hope they have a happy new year!"


"Hi Cascia. I'm the one who won the labor looks gown from your contest. Our baby was born on January 7th, and he is doing really well. But my labor and delivery did not go as planned or as we'd hoped, and I ended up with a partial 4th degree tear from an emergency forceps delivery, other wounds from 4 hours of intense pushing more than 36 hours after my water broke, and an infected abcess/hematoma in the same spot along the tear site. More than 3 weeks after my son's birth, several heavy-duty medications and 3 surgical procedures later, I am just now "out of the woods". But recovery is going to be very slow, and the emotional struggle is starting to get intense now that the physical struggles have lessened. In a week, my mom will be heading home, and I'll be on my own while my husband works. Normally, that would be okay, but with the unique issues from my complications, it is going to be hard. (I can't even sit or walk properly. And certain muscles in that area will need physiotherapy to get back to normal functioning.) Basically, I need healing of body and mind, as well as the ability to fully care for my son and somehow do household things that my husband cannot do with his schedule. (He does a ton and is the best, but his energy and time don't allow for taking care of my entire load.)

My other struggle right now is being able to see and feel all the zillions of positive and good things happening around me right now, and I seem stuck on the negative. I do see God's handprints all over this situation, especially in the way my maternity doctor has cared for me both physically and spiritually, going above and beyond the normal role of medical physician. So there are many "Ebenezers" I see and cherish. But this journey is still hard, and sometimes finding Jesus beside me in all of this is not easy.

Thank you for praying."

Inkling's Public Blog

Comments from message box

"Hi Cascia, my 60- year- old 2nd- brother has been in ICU since 30Dec08. Chances are 50/ 50. Let' s pray that he will make it thru. Jus me, Wenny of Inside My Bubble Today."
Please pray for Wenny's family. Her brother passed away on January 7.

Liaa (guest):Hi,I am a mother of 2 boys,ages 2 and 7mos.Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with motherhood and most of the time i'd be stressed.Please pray for me.Thank you.

If you have prayers you want to add to the prayer chain please leave a comment or message me in the prayer chain box. If you want to promote the prayer chain on your blog all you need to do is blog about it along with our list of prayers and a link back here. You can use the button code to link back to the prayer chain. I made a new button so if you have the old one on your site you might want to grab the new code. When you are saying your prayers at night or whenever you pray don't forget to add the intentions on the Healthy Moms prayer chain.


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