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Pray, Please Pray

Posted Mar 17 2009 4:22am

Those who know me REALLY well know that I lived in the St. Louis area for a few years after law school and that I had a church down there that I absolutely loved. I considered that church and those who I dealt with down there family - they always took care of me when I needed and during that time I needed it a lot. When I left the area I stayed in close contact with many members of the church and even went back to the area MANY times just to visit and see the people I loved at the church. Today, the pastor of that church was killed by a gunman during the first service of the day. The church is First Baptist Church of Maryville and the pastor was Pastor Dr. Fred Winters - if you want the whole story google it, it is the top story on many news media sites. Because of our day today, I learned of this from a very good friend down there and literally started crying in disbelief, I knew Fred (that is what I called him) very well and could not believe this would happen or that it would happen to someone I know and love. I remember the last time I saw him he asked to see pictures of Little Man and Little Princess and made me promise to bring the to see him some time this year so he could talk Korean to them! His wife later told me that he MIGHT know how to say hello! I was planning to take them to see him in June. This man, his family and the church members were and are VERY important to me. I am still very much in shock and just trying to get through the rest of my day - please though don’t worry about me I will be ok - I am worried about the church family in Maryville pray for them (a few people I know personally actually witnessed the shooting and are taking this very hard at the moment), Fred’s wife and two daughters and the family of the man who did this (as this will not be easy for them either). Right now there are many questions but only one answer PRAY - that is what Fred would want us to do and what he would ask us to do.

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