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POTW: Human ❤ Nature Baby Lotion and Human ❤ Nature Natural Shampoo

Posted Apr 25 2012 3:13pm

Sorry for the late post of Product of the Week.. went out today with the kids.. and yes we watched The Avengers (excited much!)

Here’s our product of the week:

Human Heart Nature Baby Lotion (that’s for me) and Human Heart Nature Kids Natural Shampoo.

Let’s start with the Baby Lotion first.. both products I got from the Human Nature Heart Born Free Launch . I have a problem with my hands.. sometimes it’s too sweaty to the point that it drips (that’s why I like beso rather than shake hands) but most of time it’s unbelievably dry. I guess my hands is an extension of my extreme personalities.. how can I say this.. my hands, I don’t like it when it’s too sweaty but I don’t like it more when it’s too dry, so between the two, it’s sweaty that’s lesser evil. When it is too dry, even my brain feels the same, I cannot work, I cannot think and I am irritated! (as in bonngang iritasyon ito! to the point that I scream!).. before when I needed it to sweat.. I just run or do something stupid or watch suspense packed videos or watch someone jump from a high tower (that’s really effective).. but I can’t do that all the time.. so I rely on lotion.. and sadly not all type of lotion can create the condition that I want for my hand. Well not until I discovered Human Nature Baby Lotion.. it’s so light and yet it moisturize my hands so well! and not to mention that it does not have a strong smell, just the perfect product for my dry hands! Now this product can be seen right beside my monitor :)

Human Nature Kids Natural Shampoo I tried with my boys.. 8, 7, 6 (my nephew) and 4.. you think they’re active? NO! they’re super duper active!!! and with that comes smelly head! ewe! specially with the 3 older boys as they’re playing basketball in the morning. So one time, we said, OK enough with the smelly head, let’s try Human Heart Nature shampoo..  oh! we’re surprised with the result (OK it’s half expected since we have been hearing great things about this product).. their head may not be that good smelling but hey! it does not smell of sweat! and of sun and of basketball playing.

So yes, I highly recommend this two products :)

Every Wednesday I post about products that I have tried and loved.. If you want your products here, contact us and we’ll take a look on it. 

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