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Potty Time Tuesday | How do you Choose the Right Time to Start Potty Training?

Posted Oct 20 2009 10:00pm

When to start? It could be the million dollar question.

It is best to make sure your child understands what is expected of him or her before starting potty training. Of course, there are can be methods that go around this requirement and successful.

However, it is best that you honestly judge when your child is ready. If you think your child is super smart it does not mean that intelligence transfers over to potty training.

There are plenty of geniuses out there whose parents had to wait a bit longer before initiating potty training.

Statistics have shown that waiting until a child is a bit older - between two to three years of age - results in more rapid potty training.

When the process is started very early it can take a much longer time on average.

Potty training is a big commitment so you should be confident that your child is ready for it. You don't want to start and then stop the process.

In "Painless Potty Training" there is more information on potty training that will help you get your child into the swing of things in no time!

It also covers how to use these strategies to properly potty train your child. As you can see, there is a lot of information to cover when discussing potty training. It's a very important stage in any child's life.

If you found these tips helpful you can find more potty training ideas in the Healthy Moms Guide to Potty Training.

Are you potty training your child? Maybe you have some potty training tips you would like to share with your readers. If so join us every Tuesday for Potty Time Tuesdays and don't forget to leave your link!

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