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Potty Time Tuesday | Dealing With Stubborn Toddlers

Posted Sep 15 2009 10:03pm

I'm just going to write a short little blurb this morning. How professional does that sound? I think I've been spending way too much time on social networks. Back to Potty Time Tuesday!

What is the best way to deal with a child who is so stubborn and refuses to sit on the potty? I'm sure some of you have one of those. Here are just a few tips on dealing with stubborn kids.

  • Bribery. This usually works with my stubborn two year old. When he gets up in the morning the first thing I would like him to do is go potty. But he has other plans. He always asks for something to drink first thing in the morning. So I reply, "You can't have anything to drink until you go potty first."
  • Lose the diapers and training pants. This is the best way to train a stubborn child. You need to just let him have accidents. The only downside on this is that you will end up with a ton of laundry. I put cotton underwear on my son every morning. He has accidents throughout the day. Disposable training pant are extremely absorbent so if he wets he isn't going to feel it as much as when he is wearing underwear. If you decide to do this make sure you have plenty of pants and underwear on hand for the numerous accidents.
  • Use a Potty Chart. Potty charts are very helpful and they are similar to bribery. Make sure you have your child get involved. Have her put the stickers on the chart when she goes potty. You can use small rewards that don't cost a whole lot such as reading a favorite book together, making the child's favorite craft, serving her favorite dessert after dinner or a trip to the library or park.
  • Get his attention with books or DVDs. You are probably wondering what this means. When I was potty training my girls I put them on the potty every morning along with a snack and their favorite television show. When they were about a year old I literally strapped them to the potty with a kitchen towel. I also read to them while they sat. Potty training books and DVD's will help keep your squirmy toddler still.
If you have a child that doesn't listen and refuses to sit still on the potty try one or all of the tips above. Most of all never give up. Every child does get potty trained sometime, somehow. If you are persistent and try different things before long you will say goodbye to diapers forever.

Are you potty training your child? Maybe you have some potty training tips you would like to share with your readers. If so join us every Tuesday for Potty Time Tuesdays and don't forget to leave your link!

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