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Post Party Post

Posted Dec 01 2008 12:00am
If I have been slightly absent this weekend I apologize. I feel like I haven't visited any of my bloggy buds lately...We had a party tonight and for me that means DAYS of cleaning. Hosting parties kind of freaks me out so I spend days preparing (and all we had were 13 people at our house + a few kids). Both boys are finally in bed (yes they were up for quite a while!!), Daddy is snoring away as well. I on the other hand am wide awake, and trying to flush the wine from my system with oodles of cold water (I hope it works).
I have to thank Stacy C. and Julie for this wonderful blog award...THANK YOU ladies.
I am choosing at this moment to take the easy way out...I am supposed to pick 8 others for this award, but I just can't choose, so I will let you pick. All of you are so deserving...please feel free...I want you to have it....take it, pass it on with love, and enjoy :)


I have also been tagged by Kelly D. (tell her how awesome her design is...hint hint) is 4th photo from 4th folder of my pictures folder....

Now before I post the pic, I will admit, I just can't decide who to tag, so please if you'd like to play along, just go for it. I actually enjoy these little tags b/c it lets me tell stories of pics that might have not made it on here otherwise (and isn't the whole point of this blogging thing preservation of memory).

So now, on to what everyone has skimmed my blog to actually look at (come on you know you glazed over half of it!!) ... a pic...

What an awful pic that is so oddly seasonally appropriate.

I realize that this pic means nothing to you, but this is a pic of my Christmas lights laid out on the floor last year. I was just back from lots of traveling (spent almost all but 5 working days of November away from home), 7 months pregnant, and came home to find Dan and Tommy playing with all of the Christmas lights, getting ready to help me decorate. I loved the way the lights looked scattered all over the floor so I took tons of pictures of them, playing with my camera, this is one of them (this is also the same night we took this lovely pic...

Its amazing how such an abstract picture can bring back so many memories. Last year was such stressful one for us, looking at these pics I am reminded on how happy we were/are despite the stress, and how much it means to us to be a family. I don't know why I decided to keep a pic made up of just so many dots of lights...but now I am glad I did...

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