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Positive Ideas for Discipline and Managing Children’s Behaviour-5 & 6

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:30pm

Positive Ideas for Discipline and Managing Children’s Behaviour-5 & 6

Child , Handling Misbehaviour , Parenting , Preschool

We have covered:

  1. Establish firm and clear rules
  2. Give clear and calm instructions
  3. Be consistent
  4. Back up instructions with logical consequences

For children aged 2-10 years, there may be certain times when their misbehaviour may cause injuries or losses of any kind….this is the time when you must come to

5) Using “quiet time” to deal with more serious misbehaviour . I have covered this part much earlier….. here

So what if they misbehave in public - Hated the feeling of being looked at from passerby… Try this…

6) Remove the child from the situation

If your child misbehaves when you are out, you could remove him from the situation and take him to a quiet place. Eg. a park bench, your car, or an area with few people around.

Wait beside him until he has quietened down. If your child has not quietened down, take him home and take him to “quiet time”.

Remember to encourage your child when he/she is good. Encouragement helps children to believe in themselves and try new skills.

Notice when they are doing the right thing and give them praise immediately. Praise helps to build confidence and self-esteem in children.

Discipline is only one part of balanced parenting. Children need to know what they should be doing more than they need to know what they should not be doing.

Avoid noisy arguments in front of your child. Children copy the behaviour of their parents. They watch and imitate the way you talk to each other and resolve conflict.

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them . ~ James Baldwin

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