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Positive Ideas for Discipline and Managing Children’s Behaviour-4

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:30pm

Positive Ideas for Discipline and Managing Children’s Behaviour-4

Child , Handling Misbehaviour , Parenting , Preschool , Toddler

We have covered:

  1. Establish firm and clear rules
  2. Give clear and calm instructions
  3. Be consistent

What happens when you have establish firm and clear rules, gave clear and calm instructions and your child still continues to do what he wants?

4) Back up instructions with logical consequences

If your child does not follow your request, choose a consequences that fits the situation.

“If you are arguing over the TV - it will be switched off for 10 minutes.”

Remember, be consistent and keep to the conditions. If the behaviour continues, you must tell your child what he is doing is wrong.

“You are still arguing and shouting - then the TV will be switched off for 1 hour (… the rest of the afternoon…).”

Other ways to discipline are…

  • take away a small amount of the child’s pocket money
  • ground your child for a short period
  • take away a favourite possession such as a game or a bike for a short time

Choose a method that suits your family and the situation so that you will have the best chance of success.

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