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Positive Ideas for Discipline and Managing Children’s Behaviour-2

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:30pm

Positive Ideas for Discipline and Managing Children’s Behaviour-2

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Did you try out the experiment posted yesterday - Hope you had fun…as you realise how important it is not to say “don’t”.

2) Give Clear and Calm Instructions

The way you talk to your children will influence whether they will cooperate or not.

Positive language will get a good response.

Remain calm. If you become angry, you risk losing your temper and hurting your child. If you feel angry, take a few moments to calm down before you talk to your child. Take some deep breaths or move away from the situation for a few seconds.

Think before you act , particularly about the outcome you want.

  • move closer to your child, bend down to her eye level and use your child’s name. “KeatKeat, it’s time to visit grandma. Switch off the television and change your clothes.”
  • Stay close and watch your child to see he/she does what you have requested.
  • Praise and encourage your child for cooperating and showing the desired behaviour. “Thank you for switching off the TV. I’m glad you choose this shirt, grandma loves to see you in this shirt.”

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