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Popular baby names.....should you or shouldn't you?

Posted May 28 2009 11:24pm
Have you heard the news? Emily is no longer the number one name given to little girls. This year, the name Emma won out, while Emily is now ranked 3rd on the list of popular baby names for a girl. My daughter's name, Isabella, was the number one girl name for 2004, the year she was born. When I'm at the park and I call out, "Bella, it's time to go", there are usually 3 or 4 little Bella's looking up from what they were doing to see if they are the one being called for. Now every mother with a daughter named Emma gets to experience that.

But does knowing the ranking of baby names really matter when it comes to naming your child? Does it really matter if she has the same name as her friend, cousin or classmate? Even if you pick your daughter's name from a list of the most popular baby names, isn't your precious baby girl still special and unique in her own way?

So, with the thousands of baby girl names available to choose from, go with what's in your heart, whether it is an uncommon name or the most popular name of the year. Your daughter will feel special and unique with whatever name is chosen because of who she is. If you ask any adult (teachers, daycare providers, mommies), you will find that a child’s name is unique because of the child’s personality and her special qualities, not because they share their name with other classmates or it was ranked the number one baby girl name in 2009.

It’s always fun to check out what names are popular and what celebrities are naming their babies. So, unless you are set on naming your daughter a certain way you should check out Baby Names World at to gain access to an incredibly extensive and completely searchable listing of baby names, their origins, and even their meanings. You can mix and match names and see how they look together than decide if the meanings are appropriate for you.

Baby girl names are always fun to play with. There are so many names to combine that unless you do know what your baby’s name is going to be, it may take you the entire pregnancy to decide on a name. Baby Names World even keeps track of the names you like, so in your pregnancy-induced memory loss, you won’t have to!

So, tell me....did you or would you choose a popular baby name for your child?
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