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Politics and Fatherhood: I Am Not The Enemy

Posted Jul 20 2009 10:24pm

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T oday, I was told that I was the enemy. This came about during a quick and heated exchange of political opinions online.

During this brief interaction with a self-proclaimed “ registered freeper ”, I was informed that Democrats “revel in dead babies, dead troops, pets ‘better dead than enslaved’”, and that liberals “would cringe at being called American like a vampire from a cross”. They cheered comments on a conservative discussion board calling the President’s daughter “ghetto trash”.

They also told me that my children are to be considered “children of the enemy”, and that the enemy is to be “defeated at any cost”. These words came from someone who described herself as a “squishy moderate” conservative who “isn’t Christian and hates children”. She actually said “defeated at any cost” as though those that differed in ideology from her were an invading army, or a pack of rabid dogs.

I am not a dog. I am not an invader. I am an American, and I am a husband, and I am a father, and I am nobody’s enemy.

American and Father First

I am proud to call myself an American every time I see the people of this country pulling together to do good for each other with no thought of their own personal gain. I am proud to call myself a father when I see my children display those principles in play or at school with others. I may have my failings as a father, but my children have been raised to love and respect others.

They do not see the racial and economic barriers that “adults” cannot seem to get past. They do not divide, label and segregate for their own comfort and status and power. They accept others for what they are, and for what they can contribute to the whole. Most importantly, they are able to form their own opinions, rather than simply parrot what someone else has told them to think.

Who Is The Real Enemy?

The people that spew this bile and venom – on BOTH sides of the aisle – do nobody any good. Continuing the partisan bickering does not solve any problems; it does nothing to bring our children up in a better place. It dehumanizes the opposition, so that the most radical options are made palatable. They’re not a real person, after all, they’re the *enemy*!

A Call to Action

Fathers, these attitudes of division cannot be allowed to continue. They cannot be instilled into our children. Allowing that to happen will simply allow hatred and prejudice to continue to fester and divide us all. We owe it to our children and their children to teach them what it means to love, not hate; to care for others as well as ourselves.

We must make sure that our children understand that mindless bigotry and hatred – whether for the size of a person’s bank account, or the color of their skin, or for any other reason – is not an option.

I Am Not the Real Enemy

Today, I was told that I am the enemy. At worst, I am an enemy to those that threaten the health and safety of my family. Any other father or husband would say the same thing. In that, we all hold common ground. We need more ground than that, though; higher ground. We must find that higher ground and use it to build a foundation to lift us all up, for the sake of our family’s prosperity.

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