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Please help advice

Posted by emasch

Daughter is 7 and been having pain in her tummy around belly button for 3 weeks ,no temp ,bowls open normally .pain increased when eating drinking. Doctor gave her medicine to reduce acid in her tummy as thought maybe it was the problem as 2 weeks previously had a viral . had blood tests done only one showing abnormal was est inflammation . pain eased for about 1 week then last night fell on her bottom on floor and immediately curdled over in pain again this time with slight pain when breathing .what could this be why did it look like she getting better then a fall irritated it again ?

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See answer Feb 7 - sorry for delay

Hi and thankyou so very much for your advice.

 As a mother of 4 and a husband who 25-7 pain it was nice to see a responce so possative shame you dont get that from doctors our days.

My daughter went for a CT scan could not scan bowels as nurse said it dont show nothing,However it showed a sack or something with fluid behind her bladder .Im worried sick but my doctor seemed so  calm about it?

What could this be as she has no temp nothing showing infection in her bloods .Apart from slight anemick?

concerend very concerned ?

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