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Playground Rule #26: Do not climb up the slide while someone is going down the slide...

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:55am
....or you will crack your head open....literally. Last evening, we were having a fun time. We had eaten our dinner of BBQ'd hamburgers, roasted garlic potatoes and corn. Everyone was in a great mood and playing in the backyard, except for me who was stuck inside doing dishes. Woe is that a violin I hear playing for me??

Next thing I know Tim is running Cole inside and says "He cracked his head open". Note to Tim: Never NEVER EVER say something like that to a child's mother without her seeing the injury first. I was envisioning Cole's brain oozing out all over the place and wondering what kind of life he would go onto lead with a serious brain injury.

Once I saw it, obviously, I could see it wasn't life-threatening but he did sustain a pretty deep gash about a 1/2 inch long in the back of his head. It's a good thing Tim has a stomach for these kind of things because as soon as he got the bleeding to stop and he showed me the wound, my stomach started to turn. What if I had been by myself when this happened? My poor kids...I'd be more panicked than they would be.

It was apparent that he would need stitches so off to the emergency room he and Tim went. Three hours later, they returned home with Cole having gotten 3 staples in the back of his head. Tim said he was a trooper and didn't cry at all...which is more than I can say for me, who was at home crying off and on wondering how Cole was doing.

Tim was kind enough to take pics at the hospital with his cell phone because he has been well trained to take pics of everything, injuries included because we'll have to show Cole these pics next time he thinks climbing UP the slide while one of his little brothers is trying to go DOWN the slide is a good idea. And if you're gonna fall, next time don't aim for the edge of the cement patio.

Playground rule #26 has been broken; however, I do believe it will never be broken again.


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