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Plastic Makes Boy's Brains and Play Less Boyish? What Do Phthalates, Phallic Fears, and the Supreme Court All Have In Common?

Posted Dec 08 2009 8:03am

Phthalates in pregnancy feminize the developing male brain rendering boys less boyish. 

So says University of Rochester researcher Shanna Swan who found women who had high levels of the chemical in their urine during pregnancy later reported their boys showed less masculine play.  

But who cares...

Let's not waste too much time on that study - it's correlational in nature and riddled with methodological pot holes.  And because I've just read  Randy Olsen's Don't Be Such a Scientist, I'm not gonna bore you with the technical details. 

Not when the back story on researcher Shanna Swan is so much juicier, so much more newsworthy, clearly what we science-minded people need to focus on if we're ever gonna patch up the poor science in the media let alone convince parents their children are not endangered by plastic. 

So the dirt comes from Trevor Butterworth, the editor over at, in his regular column at (Can Plastic Change Your Sex?: Another weak claim consumes the media).  Butterwoth blames some of the current plastic panic on a 2005 study by Swan. 

Yes, the original fallacious and phallic phthalate study:  
..Swan claimed that levels of certain phthalate metabolites in pregnant women correlated with a lower anogenital index in their male children (the AGI is a measurement of the distance from the anus to the base of the penis, divided by the weight at the time of measurement). 
There wasn't a consensus as to what a normal range for AGI was in baby boys or whether it is significant, but there was evidence that a shorter AGI correlated with a slower rate of testicular descent in animals. When a National Institutes of Health expert panel later evaluated her study, it didn't find her evidence wholly convincing. All the babies in the study had normal genitalia with no sign of defects.
The lack of penile imperfections didn't stop Swan from publicly declaring phthalates in utero cause genital malformations AND birth defects in boys.  Human boys.  Without any evidence!  Well, in fact, with evidence suggesting the contrary.  But of course that didn't stop the media and environmental activists (nor legislators) from proclaiming phthalates a dangerous toxin.  And now said researcher is pushing more bad science and claiming she's got evidence that phthalates feminize the brain. 

But that's not the end of our story.  Swan also has testified as an expert witness in at least two court cases for plaintiffs claiming harm from toxic substance, one, an anti-nausea drug, the other, silicone breast implants.  In both cases the courts actually invalidated her expert testimony.  In fact, her scientific nonsense not only reached the Supreme Court (yes!) but troubled our Supreme Justices so much they decided to redefine what constituted good scientific testimony.   Now that's impressive.  Offending the Supreme Court with your lousy empirical arugments.

So of course that information went missing from the media coverage of Swan's latest phthalate study:

Why You Need to Avoid Phthalates: Baby Boys Are Found to be Affected by Chemicals in Plastic (, Dec. 7, 2009)

Common Chemical Making Boys Soft  ABC News (November 17, 2009)

Phthalates Affect Way Young Boys Play: Boys With High Phthalate Exposure in Womb Show Less Masculine Play (, November 16, 2009)

If only the latest pseudo scientific study were Swan's swan song to parents...

Prenatal phthalate exposure and reduced masculine play in boys.  International Journal of Andrology.  Published online November 16, 2009.   DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2605.2009.01019.x
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