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Planting Flowers

Posted Jan 22 2009 12:00am

I took Russ to the doctor the other day for a follow up while my AWESOME Aunt Barb watched the girls. She took them on an adventure to Home Depot, Whole Foods and Baskin Robins. What a day they had!! 

The girls had a fabulous outing while Russ and I had some nice one on one time together. 

When we finished our doctors visit I turned to Russ and said...

"Hey Buddy, you were such a good boy today, do you want to stop for ice cream?" He paused for a moment and said, "No mommy, I want my sisters!" No, I'm not kidding.. he really said that! It melted my heart. 

It's amazing how much they miss each other when we take them on one on one adventures. The bond they share is precious. When reunited after short periods apart they squeal with excitement and run towards each other, collide, and hug like they never want to let go. SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!

While at Home Depot Barb let the girls pick out their own flowers to plant. They also picked out a red one for Russ. Red is his FAVORITE color! 

When the girls got home and settled, we headed out to the front yard. Auntie Barb has quite the green thumb and shared a lesson in flower planting with the kiddos. It was messy and dirty and a TOTAL BLAST!! 

What a wonderful life these little ones have. They are so lucky to have so much love surrounding them. Auntie Barb, you are the best. THANK YOU!

I wasn't too much help. I was laughing too hard and pointing my camera!...

Auntie Barb demonstrating her green thumb
"Okay kids, the DIRT goes IN the pots.. NOT on Auntie Barb..."
"Or ON Auntie Barb..  either way!"

Libs "the tongue" and Auntie Barb
-She LOVED planting and was REALLY good at it!
Ally Boo Boo
Miss Molly
Russell Man
Little Libs
The Finished MASTERPIECE!!

Thank you AGAIN Auntie Barb! We love you!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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