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Plane Fear

Posted May 30 2010 5:48pm
In my 29 years of life, I never experienced traveling by plane yet. And I have no immediate plans on riding a plane (and yeah even boat). I am afraid of heights so traveling by plane is something that I do not look forward but that might change soon, a few people I know really likes traveling and that includes riding a plane. Some even travel through Aircraft Charter and according to them, this can be good if you want air hospitality that is beyond exceptional. This is a private air service that costumers can count on to serve their flying needs day and night. I really want to know more about Charter Flights and see if it can change my plane fear.

Hubby on the other hand had been to a lot of plane travel (sometimes I envy his courage). Maybe when I am brave enough, I will plan a plane travel for our family. And since I really love planning, at the back of mind, I am already thinking about it. Like, I want to learn how to pack if you are traveling by plane, I know that your baggage are limited when you are to ride a plan. I also want to learn what are the things that are not allowed inside the plane. And lastly, I want to know if they give discounts for babies.

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