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Plan to Attack IranPuts Our Kids at Risk

Posted Sep 13 2008 4:33pm

The strategic geniuses in the White House are planning a regional war that would engulf the Mideast and Iran? That may not be Bush’s stated intention, but that is the risk America takes if his administration follows through with military strikes in Iran, as reported in The Washington Post.

Attacking Iran may be the stupidest idea since our last war. You know, the one that is more than three years old in the neighboring country of Iraq? You can see how well the strategic planners did on that one.

The arguments against such attacks are pretty easy to see: we’re already militarily stretched and such an attack on Iran runs the risk of enraging the entire Arab world. If the Bush Administrations uses tactical nuclear weapons, the United States will have cemented itself as the hypocrite of the millennium.

I’m no fan of Iran. The government is downright scary, especially considering repeated vows to destroy Israel. Aren’t there better solutions than attacking the country?

By the United States constantly threatening that nation, the religious extremists are strengthened, not weakened. Populations tend to rally around leaders under attack from foreign sources, and the U.S. threatens that nation seemingly every week.

And let’s not forget politics at home. An attack on Iran may well provide Bush’s Administration the political camouflage it needs to weather its remaining three years in office. But this would be at huge expense: further straining our society with another war; thousands more Americans maimed or killed; increased debt; and environmental harm from using weapons, especially nuclear. Constantly playing global policeman means an unwillingness to deal with this nation’s festering problems, such as a crappy educational system and a deteriorating social net.

Is the nuclear threat from Iran even real? Possibly, though we’ve learned not to trust this Administration’s prognostications.

What happens if a war with multiple Muslim nations really does begin? Will America’s young men keep enlisting? Or will the draft become necessary? Will this ongoing cycle of war drag my children into the military 15 years from now? While such a war may be short, will our children face a Muslim world that is so angry it spends the next two decades trying to become a regional nuclear power? Certainly we saw shades of that as Pakistan provided nuclear technology to other nations.

Regardless, this is not the type of world I want my children to grow up in. The lesson in life I teach will not be that war is the resolution to all problems. But the message our government keeps sending is, yes, it is.

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