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Plagiocephaly – The Case Of The Misshapen Head

Posted Sep 24 2009 10:06pm

Have you seen this baby?

DOC band, cranial tech

S he is on the loose roaming the streets with Plagiocephaly. Do not approach, she is considered to have arms and be dangerous! She is a white female with a flat, misshapen head, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that melts hearts (which cannot be seen in the mug shot).

Be warned, her parents have taken action to correct the shape of her head and make her ‘normal’. Lucky for them, there was a company ( cranial tech ) willing to step in and expedite the process.

Cranial Tech quickly made a mold of the baby’s head in order to see which areas of the head were misshapen. Then, a custom DOC (Dynamic Orthotic Cranioplasty) band was fabricated for this heinous criminal, and yada, yada, yada eight months passed and now her head is nice and round.

The facts… why her head was flat in the first place:

  • She slept almost exclusively on her back, partly because of the back to sleep campaign, partly because she cried less.

  • She had very tight neck muscles ( torticollis ) and tended to turn her head to one side. As a result, when she was sleeping, she would always lay on that side.

  • We, as parents, didn’t notice her head getting more flat, until it was too late.

The treatment:

  • As described above, a mold of her head was taken, and then she was fitted for a DOC band.

  • Every two weeks, we… well mainly my wife and parents so I could keep bringing home the chedda, went to Chicago to get adjustments made to the band. This allowed for the progressive shaping of the head.

Why we did it:

Although statistics are a little hard to come by, there are a few things that could happen. The alignment of her ears could have been off, causing balance challenges because of how the inner ear works. Also, as you can see from the mug shot, her eyes were not in line with each other. This could lead to perception issues, as well as minor balance issues.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. This is a bit of a simplistic view of a problem that seems to be growing… one which I had no idea about until informed by our doctor.

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