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Pizza - Roman Style

Posted Jan 25 2013 6:00am
Last week I was daydreaming about Rome. I recalled a small little restaurant around the corner from our hotel in Trastevere. I remembered that moment - that first bite into the most delicious pizza I had ever tasted.

SummerVacation2011011_zps54d3675a photo SummerVacation2011011_zps54d3675a-1_zpsd100d078.jpg[My first meal in Rome. Oh, that crust! That melt-in-your-mouth crust!]

 And for the next few days I couldn't get that memory out of my head. I needed that pizza - I needed to recreate that pizza.
So I started researching and found a blogger, Marco Flavio, from my beloved Trastevere. He wrote this of Roman pizza:  
Roman pizza crust is thin and crunchy but never, ever hard to chew or like a cracker. When you bite into it it will have a little of the softness of bread, counterbalanced by a crisp bottom, and the whole thing should almost melt in your mouth.
"Yes, yes!" I thought. "That's the taste and texture I am looking for." 
So yesterday I decided to make it happen. I followed his recipe very carefully and created a little Italian magic in my very own kitchen. It was almost perfect. Heck, for a first try it was down right brilliant. Next time I will roll my crust even a slight bit thinner, but even so - it was spectacular.
Read Marco's blog and find the recipe for Roman style pizza here . You won't be disappointed.
033-3_zpse86b6af7 photo 033-3_zpse86b6af7-1_zps2301de1f.jpg[Behold, my dough!]
032_zps86d386ba photo 032_zps86d386ba-1_zpsc0969ac9.jpg[Behold, my pizza!]
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