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PinFTW: Easy Toddler Activities!

Posted Oct 10 2012 6:28am

Well hello there Wednesday friends! I’ve decided to link up to Pin for the Wednesdays at its new home, Daily Ups and Pounds AGAIN today. Mostly because I’m soooo pleased with myself and my pinteresty-ness this week.

Over the weekend I started looking in earnest for activities to do with Jonah. Preferably those that don’t involve TV or a screen of any kind, and can be done with things I already have laying around the house. Fortunately, Pinterest did not let me down! I didn’t replicate any idea exactly, but I got most of my pinspiration from these two pins here and here .

Here’s what Jonah and I have been up to this week! Making messes and having FUN! And hopefully learning something. :)

This one’s kind of hard to see in the picture, but what I did here was just give him a bunch of small colored pom poms and have him put them in an empty spice jar. He loved it and it kept him busy for  over 30 minutes! We talked about the colors of the pom poms, too. He can say blue, green, red, and orange. This activity is also good for fine motor skills.

Next, we got out something most everyone has laying around, a kitchen colander. First, I had him poke pipe cleaners through the slats in it, but he didn’t like that. Then I got the bright idea of using popsicle sticks, and he loooooved this one. I strapped him into the booster seat for this activity and he did it for-EV-er. Over an hour! He was excited to try it the next day, too.

Finally, we made a big fun mess with a sensory bin. For this activity I just took a 9 x 13 pan and filled it with rice, rotini, spaghetti, feathers, and pom poms. He had fun messing around with all the things in the bin and eventually started taking stuff out of it, so I got him another dish and he started putting stuff into that dish. He went back and forth like that for awhile and made a big mess! It was fun and easy to clean up with the hose on our vacuum.

Well, those are my winning pins for today! Please leave me a comment telling me what a fabulous mother I am. Oh, and don’t forget to check out all the winning pins and link up over at Daily Ups and Pounds !

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