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Pineapples aren't just a fruit

Posted Nov 24 2010 12:00am
I don't quite remember how I met Alicia.

She is one of those friends that once they are there they always feel like they have been there.

And if we can be friends with this photo floating around the Internet we can be friends forever. (Remember Alicia that Maggie posted it first, I got it from her!!)

Fall Dance 92

Conversations are easy and laughs are plentiful. No matter how long it has been since we last talked with each other.

She is what I like to call a low maintenance friend.

Me & Alicia

And nearly two years ago when I knew she was thinking of having one more babe to add to her family, I have to admit I thought she was a bit nuts.

She laughed and said she knew, but she didn't think this feeling was going to go away.

Last year right before Thanksgiving I got an email telling me of little Pineapple's arrival into the world.

And when I met her the first time, well it was love at first sight. There is just something special about knowing a babe when they were only a thought in their mommas head.

Yesterday Pineapple celebrated her first birthday. I got to love on the birthday girl and munch on her wonderful cheeks and make faces that only babies laugh at.

I can't believe that I got to see her transform from this tiny little bit.

Infant Pineapple

Into this beautiful One Year Old.

Pineapple Age One

Thank you so much Alicia, for being my friend, for loving me, and for letting me be in your life celebrating the moments that you will want to remember forever.
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