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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures....

Posted Sep 18 2008 12:00am

We've been keeping busy the last few weeks. This is becoming a great age/stage full of noise, laughter, adventure and discovery. Conor and I are realizing how fast they are growing and trying to enjoy the here and now. Before we know it, they'll be all grown up.

Here is a fun post of nothing but pictures, pictures, pictures... and more pictures!

Quadville's Angels - Born to Ride

Bubba training for the 2030 World's Strongest Man on ESPN8.  

"That's right ladies.....REAL men wear CROCS!"

"So it says here that we shouldn't drink the bubbles.....since when did we actually start following directions?  Who's game to try it?"

"Nothing like a new pair of kicks to make you feel like a million bucks!"
Ally, Libby, Molly and Russ
"Dudes, I'm gonna play water polo, just like my mommy, don't tell Papa Jon!"
-Russ (taking after me)
Miss Molly
"I could do this all day long!"
-Ally is a natural born swimmer, I'm proud to say she gets that from me.

"Dude - you guys are killin' my gas mileage!!"

"Owen - tell me when to pop the clutch!"
-A glimpse into the future with Russ and his buddy Owen

The girls risking a turn in the ring with the Big Man

Play date with Auntie Debbie and "Big Libby!"

Saturday morning at "the spa" with Auntie Katie!

"Does Elvis talk to you, do you..... see SPOTS?"
-Molly (our next Buffy?)

Libby, channelling her inner gremlin!
"This is my dance space... that is yours!"

-Ally the goof ball

Ally, missing gymnastics class..

"Chef Russell at your service! What can I do you for? May I suggest my gummy bear soup?"
-Russ (future Top Chef)

We worry about The Diva being able to show emotion and truly express herself...

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope your all having a great week. Our new blog should be up and running tonight or tomorrow!! 
Love the McNulty 6

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