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Personality Tests

Posted Sep 12 2008 6:10pm

I love personality tests; they just draw me in. As you can see, I'm labeled as something of a dreamer, which is true. I like to think of myself as a problem-sloving dreamer, but I know I get lost in my thoughts too often.

My wife and I like to attribute Seth's dreamy personality to her -- Anne is even more of a dreamer -- but I guess he gets some from me as well. I hope we can teach my boy how to realize those dreams.

On the other labels:

Conqueror: Yeah, I've always hiked for the highest point on a mountain. Put me in a national park, and I'll look for the trail that goes up.

New Wave Puritan: Anyone who reads this blog knows that is true. I treasure healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and nature over man's often shoddy influences.

Home Soul: Even though I must battle loner instincts, I believe that social interaction in the home setting is the most enjoyable. I would love to have a big ole comfortable house with a huge garden accessible from the back. Then invite friends over to prepare a massive, healthy meal. I like warm furnishings that elicit conversation and friendliness over the coldness of modern design.

Btw, I learned about this site from Philip of Blue Sloth. As a regular reader of his blog, it's interesting to see how our personalities vary.

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