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Personality Test Results

Posted Sep 21 2011 12:00am

When I talked to my spouse about this, he joked, "So you have one?" Yep.

A comment from a reader on a below post asked me if I'd ever taken the Myers-Brigg personality test, or similar. I actually have, more than a few times, just to gauge my results.

Each and every time, I score the same


Which is further broken down to say:

  • moderately expressed extravert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • slightly expressed feeling personality
  • distinctively expressed judging personality

The last time I took it - two days ago - I took it here . I'm actually not surprised. Many of you remarked that I must be very introverted - I'm not. I'm very outgoing and socially very, well, loud. I'm the one who organizes parties and get togethers and is always in the middle of stuff. (pssst - I think that the judging personality part must = no bs.)

From the explanation, several items stuck out to me:

Providers take it upon themselves to insure the health and welfare of those in their care, but they are also the most sociable of all the Guardians, and thus are the great nurturers of social institutions such as schools, churches, social clubs, and civic groups....Wherever they go, Providers happily give their time and energy to make sure that the needs of others are met, and that social functions are a success.

As well as:

Providers are skilled in maintaining teamwork among their helpers, and are also tireless in their attention to the details of furnishing goods and services. They make excellent chairpersons in charge of dances, banquets, class reunions, charity fund-raisers, and the like. They are without peer as masters of ceremonies, able to speak publicly with ease and confidence. And they are outstanding hosts or hostesses, knowing everyone by name, and seemingly aware of what everyone's been doing. Providers love to entertain, and are always concerned about the needs of their guests, wanting to make sure that all are involved and provided for.

I asked three people, and all agreed that these statements are solidly me, which is what I thought.

Have you done the test? How did you score? Do you agree with it? Or do you think that the entire thing is a bunch o'hooey??
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