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Pen and Paper, Paper and Pen

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am
As a writer, I think pen and journal fetishes are a required attribute. Or maybe not fetishes, but whorish collective tendencies (at the very least)? Regardless, I would probably categorize myself with both. I buy pens when I don't need them because they just "feel right" in my hand. Or look cute. Or just need to be purchased so that I can write something new. And the same pretty much applies to notepads, journals, and stationary. I have boxes of all of the above lying around my house (well now in the basement in "my" corner).

But even with all of that said--I found myself at Target this afternoon in a tizzy over finding the right pen and paper to write. Again, this behavior isn't uncommon for me in GENERAL, but over the last few months, I've barely written a blog entry worth reading. So to go to the store for the primary purpose of finding a pen and paper to WRITE ANYTHING is a big deal. And for whatever reason, when I do make the purchase, I find a way to link to my muse and write.

And so I did. For a whole 15 minutes over lunch. But it isn't the time (or quantity or quality) of what I wrote that we should be focusing on here. It's the fact that I let myself write longhand--which I rarely do, my laptop and typing fingers are the way my muse usually connects--and that I was able to invent and idea that is interesting. So much so, it might become my next book. It has potential. And possibilities. And life. And characters that made me smirk, giggle, and coo over almost in the same breath.

This is when I get inspired and feel I can really write a book that will see a book shelf aside from my own. I get tingly and sit up late at night pondering plot points and paragraphs of back story that I'll eventually erase from the story line. THIS is when I start dreaming of my characters.

All that crazy writer stuff? I've desperately missed having in my live over the past 6 months. I WANT to want to write. And I wanted a story and characters that kept my wandering brain occupied. Now, I find that it's happened... the moon and stars have aligned. Pray that they keep me occupied, or I might start writing blog post long-handed as well!
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