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Party Planning a la First Born

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:33pm
First Born turns the big six nothing in the week prior to Christmas. Hence we are having his wee school friends party - a first- next week. If we leave it till after the hols start then everyone will be scattered.

There is a prep year trend to invite the whole class. I think this is nuts .....
First Born is not good buddy 'friends' with 22 children. I am not having 22 rowdy five and six year olds over for the afternoon. I said six sounds good.

So with much ado he names three boys and three girls. Ain't that cute. I knew one of the chosen six will already be in the UK next week so I said he could invite three 'spares'.
To my pleasure and surprise he invited three of the bigger boys from the final primary years who have been mentors (buddies) to the prep year.

So we have nine, plus about four, four year old siblings associated with the pack of six. That is plenty.

First Born and I were sorting the tags for the pass the parcel game. You know, 'to the tallest boy', 'to the girl with the best smile', that kind of thing. He was suggesting the message and I was scribe.

So we come to his best friend. They have known each other since us mums befriended each other in the neighbourhood park about three years ago. Seems like three decades ago. This mum and I are close.

So FB suggests .... 'to the girl who's mum has piercings' as the tag for this friend.

Now that would be fine if her mum had ANY piercing ... that I knew of. This is a darling mum who does not EVEN colour her hair .... she has NO piercings, she is the least likely person in my whole social, nah extended social circle who would have a piercing ... not even her ears. Let alone show it to a five year old and not me !

I suggested maybe 'the mum with the longest hair' would work better. I am so looking forward to telling the said mum that FB thinks she has piercings .... she'll be mortified, but in a good way.

Then we move onto another friend. On this note he wants to write ... 'to the girl with the most annoying little brother'.

Oh dear. I have seen this toddler in action on many an occasion - he seems towards the sedate end of toddlerhood ..... not what you would call 'annoying'. And in this case I don't know then well enough for it to know if it would be seen as funny or not so funny ...

I find it hard to believe six years of motherhood have happened. Some days it seems like 60 years, other times 60 days. I find it hard to believe the first year of school is over .... time is flying by me at an alarming rate .... Here's to happy days First Born.

Love you le mum
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